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Friends of Kristina

It’s hard to watch Kristina’s friends grow up and mature into young adults. I often wonder what Kristina would be like now, but for me, she will always be stuck at twelve. It’s difficult to see Kristina’s friends and not be a little sad. They make me proud though... and sometimes they reach out to tell me that they will never forget my daughter. That makes me happy - to know she’s not forgotten, that she had an impact, that she did make a difference in their lives. I hope they all will make a difference in this world, too.

Kristina and Morgan met in fourth grade. Something about their personalities instantly clicked. They were quickly inseparable, best friends forever. After spending the summer apart Kristina and Morgan quickly made up for lost time. Kristina was having trouble with her back at the beginning of school and after going through a million tests we received the horrible news... she had cancer. The treatment was rigorous and it was apparent that Kristina would have to be tutored at home. Nothing would keep her from doing things with Morgan. Morgan was her life line to the world. Morgan didn’t care that she had no hair... she was her “Krissy” and the two of them were invincible together.

Sometimes even the strongest friendships can’t prevent what would inevitably happen... but cancer could never destroy the bond these two girls had. Thank you Morgan, for giving Kristina the most wonderful three years of her life (despite all the adjustments she had to make). She will watch over you always just as you watched over her.

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Thank you, Latawiec Family, for always being right next door, right by Kristina’s side every step of the way... loving her and making her smile!

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For over 13 years, we lived next door to the Latawiecs. KG and Chad were my children’s “always could count on” friends. They knew each other all their lives. They were close in age and would always run back and forth between the two houses. In the summer you could always find them playing in the Latawiec’s pool yelling “MARCO... POLO”. Kristina and Chad forged a close friendship, especially in the last few years of her life. When Kristina became house-bound, Steven, KG, and Chad would keep her occuppied playing games and watching videos.

Veronica lived around the corner from our house and was in Kristina’s sixth grade class. They often met in the neighborhood to hang out, listen to music, and do what preteen girls do.

Thanks Veronica, for being Kristina’s friend at a time when she really needed to feel loved and included. She knew she could count on you.

We were at the local park in the summer of 1990, when Kristina and Steven befriended a brother and sister who were playing on the playground. A week later, Steven began Kindergarten. Steven, Kristina, and I walked down to the bus stop to wait for the bus and surprise! The 2 children we had met just days before were waiting for the same bus! Jennifer and John Argen lived right around the corner.

Kristina and Jennifer became great friends immediately. Since we lived so close they played together often. They were both a lot alike and especially enjoyed showing up their brothers (especially in Academics). Kristina and Jennifer went to dance class together, loved swimming, and always were trick-or-treat partners on Halloween.

Jen, you were Kristina’s first and oldest friend, one of her closest confidants. She was sad when your family moved to a new neighborhood, but happy you kept in touch. She loved spending time with you whenever she could. Thank you for being the kind of friend who stuck with her through thick and thin.

When we first moved to Manalapan, in the fall of 1985, Deanna’s Grandma sent us a Christmas card welcoming us to the neighborhood. Her gesture spoke volumes. With open arms Deanna’s family welcomed us into their lives. Kristina and Deanna were two peas in a pod. They just thought alike, like they were twins, “separated at birth”.

Deanna, you were always connected to Kristina in a very spiritual way – I can’t explain it better than that. You had a unique relationship that I marveled at, a friendship that had no rival. Thank you for being her special friend, for not letting her disease, separate the two of you. We will always be grateful for your dedication to her memory through the Wheel to Heal. You and your family will always hold a special place in our hearts

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