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Hope for the Hurting

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Child with Cancer
When your child is first diagnosed with cancer, you are crushed - totally and utterly destroyed. It is as if the life has been sucked out of your body. You feel numb inside. I think it was a good two weeks before I picked myself up and said, " Okay, what do I need to do to save my child's life?". The support of family, friends, and community was crucial in helping us to cope with our new lifestyle. We knew we were surrounded by wonderful people who expressed their care and concern for Kristina and our family. They gave us HOPE and that made all the difference. Their love gave us strength and courage.

Send this letter to someone you know who is dealing with the fact that their child has cancer. Feel free to edit and make it personal by changing "your child" to the child's name and substituting "he" for "she", etc.

Loss of a Child
There are no words to take away the pain a parent feels when their child has died. After going through the emotional adjustment of having their child diagnosed ... living through the hospital stays, the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, the countless doctor appointments, blood counts, transfusions, and follow-up scans - after fighting the battle an ultimately losing the war ... a parent is totally devastated, emotionally and physically drained. Somehow we must go on with life, but we don't feel like it. Our hearts are broken and everything has changed. We feel no joy.

I believe what literally held me up during this time was God. God carried me when I simply couldn't go on. He sent us family and friends to comfort us, to hold us, and to cry with us.

Send this letter to a grieving parent. Please edit it to suit your situation by adding the child's name and changing he/she or him/her where needed.

Anniversary of the Loss of a Child
The saying, "Time heals all wounds", does not ring true for a person who has lost a loved one - especially their child. Time only makes it harder to remember how your child sounded when they laughed, how they smelled when you buried your face in their hair, or how they felt when they threw their arms around you and hugged you tight.

The anticipation of that day - the day Kristina left us forever, is painful. I am still touched by the people who take the time to call me or send a card to let me know they remember Kristina and miss her, too.

Here is a letter to send to a parent to let them know their child mattered to you, too. Change it appropriately to make it personal.

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