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Raising Hope

Kristina's Rainbows of Hope is a group of family, friends, and colleagues that stand united in our desire to raise money to help give hope to children with cancer. We were first established in 1998, under the name "Kristina's Krew", as a team organized to walk at the The Institute for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders' "Wheel to Heal" fundraiser. It was the only year Kristina attended. With her bald head and amazing smile, she led our team to victory by raising $38,000 for kids with cancer.

Three years later, we changed our name to Kristina's Rainbows of Hope in order to create more public awareness about the Rainbow of Hope pin, New Jersey's official symbol for the awareness and support of childhood cancer and blood disorders. From 1998-2004 our team has raised over $250,000 to help other children who have been diagnosed with cancer. As a direct result of our efforts, The Institute for Children has been able to provide these children with a Nutritionist to aid in the treatment of their disease. They've also created a palliative care program that allows for continuity of care; bringing the same medical team from the hospital and clinic into the patient’s home


For more information about The Institute for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders go to www.theinstituteforchildren.org

For those of you interested in purchasing T-shirts with your own logo added please e-mail us for more information

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