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Raising Hope

John and Kathy Ingato with artist James Fiorentino 2003 Dinner Auction

John and I have been attending The Institute for Children's annual dinner auction since 1998. It was our introduction to how we could actively become involved in helping children with cancer and blood disorders. It changed our lives. I have been a part of the organizing committee since 1999 and have found it is a great way to stay connected to families whose children have beed diagnosed with cancer. At this year's auction, John and I had the great priviledge of winning an original painting of Al Leiter created by James Fiorentino and autographed by Al. The artist attended the dinner auction so we were lucky to be able to thank him in person for donating this amazing piece of art on behalf of the children. If you would like to view his artwork please visit his website at: www.jamesfiorentino.com

Thanks also goes out to Al Leiter who allowed James Fiorentino to paint him for this special piece. Al is a wonderful humanitarian who finds ways to share his good fortune with others through his charity organization Leiter's Landing. His website is found at: www.leiterslanding.org.

We'd also like to thank our friends who come and make this evening such a success. Your friendship and support mean so much to us. The 2004 Dinner Auction was attended by Carol & Tony Antenna, Andrew & Martha Scamporino, Mike Caraccio & Grace Albrecht, and Tim Petty & Michelle Giuffrida. The evening honored Christine Call-Sternberg, Kristina’s counselor and advocate while she was being treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

We are also grateful for these friends who donated merchandise for the auction and helped make the evening a terrific event:

  • Carol & Tony Antenna
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Elite Fitness Centers
  • Landmark Lighting
  • Starbuck’s
  • Wegman’s

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