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The Story of the Rainbow of Hope Pin

In creating the Rainbow of Hope pin it is my sincere hope that the symbol will be used by ALL organizations and individuals dedicated to the fight to find a cure for all childhood cancers and blood disorders, particularly those in New Jersey. By selling the pin at fundraising events or by using the symbol on literature, we all stand united in our efforts to wipe out these life threatening diseases and increase our ability to be immediately recognized by the public for the work we are trying to do.

In 1999, I lost my 12 year-old daughter, Kristina, to cancer. The experience was devastating and it changed my life forever. There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. I will never forget Kristina or the love she showed for all people. Her life may have been short but her spirit lives on and inspires me to help others. It hurts me terribly to hear of one more child that must face this dreadful disease, one more family whose life will be turned upside down. While more and more children are surviving cancer, there are still many who will die because doctors simply do not know enough about some of these life-threatening illnesses.

After Kristina died, I needed to do something to keep her memory alive. It just didn't seem fair to have a young, vibrant, loving child lost to the world. The world is filled with such violence and hatred. The world needs more people that truly care about others more than themselves. The world needed my Kristina. Why did she die? What is more important than a child? Our children are more precious than gold. They are the treasures of our lives, the very heart of our souls. Our children are our hope for the future.

I wanted the world to know that I was hurting, that my daughter died, and CANCER took her life. I wanted the world know that I would never forget her and that I would never forget all the other children that had died before her. Most importantly, I wanted to show I would never forget all the children that are still fighting for their lives against childhood cancer and blood disorders. How was I going to do that?

I thought about the red ribbon for AIDS and the pink ribbon for breast cancer. I wanted a symbol that would be recognized for "childhood cancers". I needed a symbol that would be recognized as a promise of my commitment to help support the fight and to find the cure for these diseases so that no other family would have to experience the loss of a child or the devastating effects of a diagnosis of cancer. My daughter was my rainbow, she added joy and color to my life. God gave me a rainbow in the sky to tell me Kristina was safe with Him, that there was hope in His promise of life after death. The symbol had to have a rainbow. A rainbow symbolizes HOPE, the hope we hold in our hearts to find the cure for ALL childhood cancers. A rainbow represents a PROMISE, by the wearer, to remember all children who must battle cancer and blood disorders.

As I started my "rainbow ribbon campaign" in New Jersey, I learned of another campaign being launched in the western United States. Gigi Thorsen, a mother who had lost her daughter suddenly to leukemia, had begun a gold ribbon campaign for childhood cancer awareness. Rather than fragment the effectiveness of our separate crusades I decided to incorporate her symbol with mine to show a unique spirit of awareness in New Jersey. My efforts caught the attention of former Governor Christine Todd Whitman, the New Jersey State Legislature, and the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research. On September 21, 2000, Senator Robert J. Martin and Assemblywoman Carol J. Murphy cosponsored a Joint Legislative Resolution that made the Rainbow of Hope pin New Jersey's official symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

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